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About Anastasija Oskina

When Anastasija Oskina resolved to transition to real estate, she would never have anticipated the impact it would have not only to her clients’ lives but also to her as an agent. Having helped families find the house of their dreams, she prides herself on taking on an individual approach in order to offer personalized attention and genuine guidance. She is truly passionate about guaranteeing satisfaction and seeing the smiles on people’s faces having helped them realize their property goals. Anastasija provides her clients with invaluable insights thanks to her high end interior design expertise with 15 years within the industry. She can thus draft floor plans, 3D models, and do both real and virtual 360 degree photography and staging. Anastasija is also experienced in designing custom furniture which further complements her proficiency in offering non-standard innovative realty solutions. As she helps her clients turn houses into homes, her great marketing approach attracts prospective buyers on the basis of having a place to secure their future in. Having relocated to North Carolina, USA in 2018, and joined eXp Realty, Anastasija works with both local and international clientele to present investment opportunities with eXp Realty in 30 countries.

She is most complimented on the quality and comprehensiveness of her service, patience, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and smooth executions of deals that leaves no stone unturned. A strong believer in building relationships based on trust, Anastasija’s willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty is truly impressive. To elevate her business, Anastasija follows industry trends to constantly improve her skills and has access to many tools which other agents may not have thus constituting her advantage. Trained in direct targeting via social media platforms, she blends the traditional way of real estate with the modern to ensure a wider reach and offer a larger scope of services.

A mother of two, Anastasija also is a co-owner of Supreme Builder - a one-stop shop for all things related to rennovation and interior design. She spends her free time traveling, visiting antique stores and art galleries, reading, skiing, sailing, painting, or dancing. Anastasija speaks Latvian, Russian, English and a little bit of French.

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